Art Lover? These Are The Best Cities For You To Visit

Art lovers know that traveling is an excellent way to get a great look at works of art of all different styles, media, and levels of fame. Plenty of cities are chock full of museums and galleries, it can be hard to know where you want to visit first.

Canale Grande, Venice, Italy

In order to rank the best cities for art, the factors taken into consideration included number of museums, galleries, sculptures, street art, and highly rated art colleges and universities.

It surely won’t come as a surprise that Venice came in first place, with a score of 6.81 our of 10. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its lagoon and incredible architecture that adorns the entire city. It also has an impressive share of museums (183.3 per million people) and monuments as well as statues (94 per million people).

Perez Art Museum Miami

In second place in Miami, which most people associate with its beaches, but it is a great art destination as well. It has 113.1 museums per million people, 30,391 street art searches per million people, as well as 130,949 Instagram posts per million people. It is home to many impressive museums including the Pérez Art Museum Miami.


Another Italian city took third place: Florence. The Tuscan city, known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, is home to many incredible museums that house iconic Renaissance art as well as monuments and statues all over the place. There are 204.5 museums per million people there.

Several United States cities made it in the top 10, including San Francisco, coming in 5th place, as well as Sante Fe (number 7) and Seattle, which came in 8th place. European cities that made the list include Vienna in fourth place, Berlin in 9th, and another Italian city, Milan, rounding out the list in 10th place.